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Resource Material on the CISCE Curriculum

    • About the Resource Material

      The Resource Material has been developed as a ready reference on the CISCE Curriculum and aims to develop a better understanding on the Curriculum among all stakeholders. The Resource Material has been conceptualised in the form of three Modules:
      Module I: Understanding the Curriculum
      • This Module is generic in nature and is meant for all practitioners, irrespective of the subject.
      • The Module aims to acquaint users with the Salient Features of the Curriculum and the different Components of the Curriculum such as Learning Outcomes, Key Concepts, Pedagogical Processes, Learning Resources, etc.
      Module II: Unfolding the Curriculum
      • This Module is subject and level specific and is meant especially for subject teachers.
      • The module aims to provide an understanding of the various aspects of teaching related to different subjects, the teaching-learning strategies, along with the assessment strategies which may be used for the subject.
      • Exemplar teaching-learning plans are also included in this Module.
      Module III: Essentials for Master Trainers
      • This Module is meant primarily for Master Trainers.
      • The module aims at providing a broad overview of the essential elements that determine effective organization and conduct of a training programme.
      • The section on Training Strategies, which discusses how to organize and manage Group Work and Paired Work, how to use Discussions, Role Play and Case Studies, etc. may also be used by teachers in classroom teaching.